Fire and Ice

This weekend we had the 12th annual Kaiapoi Arts Expo, and this year like last Blackwells put on ice sculpting, a night market. The ice sculpture is amazing to watch as chainsaws and chisels are sued to turn out amazing ice art. The market was busy and fun with fire poi exponents playing with fire which looked pretty spectacular in the dark.








Children’s Day

Sunday was Children’s Day here in New Zealand, all sorts of events and activities were organised and this year we had the first Kaiapoi Children’s Day event. Lots of fun on a stunningly warm afternoon. The Kaiapoi Photographic Club were asked to take a few photographs…

Fire Dog

Today was the Kaiapoi Christmas Carnival and the Kaiapoi Photographic Club were out and about taking photos and trying to entice some new members. The carnival is always fun and we again had great weather for the day. I have lots of photographs to work through but I loved this dog in a fire truck.

Kaiapoi Christmas Carnival

I had a very busy day yesterday, up early to get setup for the Kaiapoi Christmas Carnival. Our photographic club had a table to promote the club and also takes photographs for the organisers to promote the event. It was a great day, very warm and sunny by lunch time and lots of people. There were a variety of characters about, some more (Santa)  and some less (zombies) Christmassy. There were lots of people dressed up to entertain the children, great Star Wars characters and a (unknown collective noun) of Disney Princesses. 

These people were clearly ready for the zombie apocalypse.




If they failed then we had Darth Vader on hand with some of his friends.



And the Disney Princesses were out in force. 







And Elsa even sang!


And the man himself!