Holga + Flash

At my last few shoots with models I have taken my Holga along and taken some images just for fun – no chimping. Mostly with flash but also with some multiple exposures. Interesting results developed in my kitchen, scanned and only slightly edited in Lightroom. Thanks to Yan Zhou, Siobhan Cuttance and Jessalee Valpy for modelling and letting me play with my nasty plastic camera. The focus is terrible, lots of grain but that’s just how a Holga is meant to be!


Catlins Through A Holga

I took my Holga camera with me to the Catlins just for fun and yesterday I did a very bad job of developing the film – I haven’t done it for a while. It certainly gives a very different look to some the places I went with my DSLR. I haven’t done any cleaning up on these images at all as should be obvious!