Catlins Through A Holga

I took my Holga camera with me to the Catlins just for fun and yesterday I did a very bad job of developing the film – I haven’t done it for a while. It certainly gives a very different look to some the places I went with my DSLR. I haven’t done any cleaning up on these images at all as should be obvious!





Film and Flies

A busy week preparing images for the Kaiapoi Art Expo which I hope to take part in, also busy on this weeks diploma work – using a real film camera. Actually I have been using two, a Holga with 120 film and my old Nikon F80 35mm camera. They are both loaded with B&W film and I have been taking a few images at New Brighton and on my way to work. The Holga is fun with extremely limited options, it had Ilford HP5 film 400 ASA and of course pretty much fixed shutter speed and aperture. I was using a tripod at New Brighton and tried the ‘bulb’ mode holding the shutter open on counting elephants. I also tried lots of multiple exposure shots, including about 75 exposures on the same image.

I have spent the evening generating the images of the wedding a shot a couple of weeks ago – all done now – and developing the film form the Holga. It looks like I might have something interesting but I will know more when I try to print using an enlarger.

In the meantime here is a shot from last week’s homework, we had to take an ‘interesting’ shot of a fly. Not very inspired I went for there is a fly in  my soup. Not pretty!

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