Fire and Ice

This weekend we had the 12th annual Kaiapoi Arts Expo, and this year like last Blackwells put on ice sculpting, a night market. The ice sculpture is amazing to watch as chainsaws and chisels are sued to turn out amazing ice art. The market was busy and fun with fire poi exponents playing with fire which looked pretty spectacular in the dark.








Christchurch Holi Festival 2017

Yesterday I went to the Christchurch Holi Festival, Nikon New Zealand organised a guided tour, along with the user of some lenses and cameras. The event itself was great fun, very enjoyable with a very happy atmosphere. It was also very messy, it involved a lot of dry paint being thrown around and everyone was very colourful by the end. After some discussion I chose to stick with my 50mm prime lens, fewer moving parts for dust and paint to get into and the Nikon team wrapped my camera and my hand in plastic to protect it. It was effective but did make it hard to adjust a lot of settings, I shot pretty wide open for most of the event which worked well as long as I was very aware of my focus.

All in all a great event, well worth doing, and doing again, whether to photograph or just take part.

One other change for today, I have been playing with Capture One Pro for processing my images rather than Lightroom, so far I like the results but I still have a lot to learn.






Port Hills Fire

For the last couple of days fires have been burning in the Port Hills above Christchurch very dry weather and strong winds fading the flames. Today the wind changed direction taking the flames towards the city.  One brave helicopter pilot died yesterday helping to douse the flames and tonight people are being evacuated from their homes as the flames approach. Some houses have been lost and I can’t imagine how that feels but my thoughts go out to all the people affected. I took a few (not very good) images from work this morning and evening from a distance as no one needs to get in the way of the fire or those brave people fighting it.