Earthquakes Once More

Last night we were awoken by another large earthquake, a magnitude 7.5 near Hanmer Springs. It was further away than some of our previous large quakes but was still very strong and went on for about a minute and a half. Having gathered what is left of my scattered wits and looked after my kids we got news of an imminent tsunami. We live on low lying land but was surprised given the location of the quake that a tsunami was possible.

We grabbed our emergency basics and got in the car and drove inland to Rangiora where we parked up at the local PaknSave store along with a large number of others. A big shout out to the store owner who was extremely helpful and brought out food to those in the car park. We went several uncomfortable hours waiting for the all clear which eventually came and we returned home for a couple of hours sleep.

While we waited with the tsunami alert the people in North Canterbury and particularly around Kaikoura were living through lots and lots of aftershocks, very much as we in Christchurch did 5 years ago. Our thoughts go out to them as they try to cope with no power or water a situation made worse by the only roads in being badly damaged by the quakes.

Here’s hoping for a quiet night for everyone and a better day tomorrow.

Cause For Thought

Today Christchurch was hit by another large earthquake, 5.7 magnitude I believe. Another reminder that we live in the shaky isles! Other than a few minor breakages and a few old cracks opened up again no real damage to my home but there was some damage to cliffs around Banks Peninsula which stirred up quite a lot of dust. It did make be pause for thought, we had just about got back to not thinking about earthquakes (large ones anyway) and gone back to getting out and about pretty much anywhere.

I spent 4 hours mountain biking in the Port Hills yesterday and then  a few hours on a fun photo shoot at Sumner. What gives me cause for thought is that we shot inside Cave Rock (which was shut off for a long time after the previous quakes) and I really don’t think I would have wanted to have been there when today’s quake happened.

Anyway a couple of images from last night, thanks to the lovely Stacey Ann for modelling, I learnt a lot again!


5 Years On

5 years ago today Canterbury was hit by a magnitude 7.1 earthquake. We were lucky and very few people were killed or injured in this large quake, the one that followed on February 2011 was much worse. The September quake happened at 4.35am and I still remember it far too well as I foolishly tried to get to my children; bouncing off the walls as I tried to get to their rooms. I thought this would be a good time to look back at some of the images I took of my home town Kaiapoi the morning after the quake – a lovely spring day as it happened. These were taken with my first DSLR and going back to them was interesting but brought back a lot of memories.

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4 Years On

Four years ago today Christchurch was struck by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake, killing 185 people and many others injured. Thousands of buildings around the city and surrounds were badly damaged but four years on things are definitely improving – although sometimes with the roadworks and traffic it doesn’t always feel like it. Today we remember those who died but also look forward to a new Christchurch.


The Blackwells department store in Kaiapoi after the February 22nd quake, now rebuilt and looking great


The local Pines Beach store, gone now.

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Lots of gaps at Pines Beach where houses have been torn down.

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The new library in Kaiapoi, now complete and a lovely new building.

2 years on

Two years ago today a large earthquake struck Christchurch, buildings were destroyed and people died. Two years on and Christchurch is getting back on its feet; buildings are going up, roads and infrastructure being repaired. Despite over 10000 aftershocks things are getting better.

One tradition that started with the quakes was the placing flowers in the road cones and today as I road to work I saw many such small tributes, and placed a few myself.

2013 02 22 Cones 11