New SmugMug Update

A quick update, I believe I have fixed all the issues I currently know of and there is a new beta available. This fixes crashes when creating galleries and galleries not being available for selection in the drop downs. If there are any other issues please let me know. I will release an official version in a few days after some more testing.


The New SmugMug

The new SmugMug announced yesterday looks really pretty but is causing some issues for my Aperture and iPhoto plugins, in particular crashing when a new gallery is created. I have created beta versions which address this issue and I am continuing to investigate any further issues.

SmuginProForAperture 1.5.2 Released

After a few last minute issues my Aperture to SmugMug export plugins have been updated. This should have been a plain old 1.5 release but issues with the server API resulted in a quick update to back out some changes, unfortunately I missed a bug in my haste to get something out. Apologies to anyone who had issues, everything should be working now. If not please take the time to let me know.

You can get details of the Aperture plugins on my nzwidgets website. The main changes are:

  • Updated to use Oauth authentication.
  • Added a new option to automatically resize very large images.
  • Bug fixes.

iPhoto users have not been forgotten, version 1.1.2 of SmuginForiPhoto has also been released.

  • Updated to use Oauth authentication.
  • Reduced size of window for use on MacBook Air.
  • Bug fixes.



SmuginForiPhoto v1.0 Released

The first version of SmuginForiPhoto, my iPhoto 11 to SmugMug export plugin has just been released.



  • Upload images and movies to SmugMug from iPhoto.
  • The caption can be generated from the image/movie version name.
  • The caption can be edited directly for each image/movie being uploaded.
  • The keywords to be set on SmugMug can be edited.
  • Any keywords used are remembered and auto-completion is provided for keywords.
  • The destination gallery can be selected from a list or a hierarchical menu based on the gallery category and subcategory details.
  • New galleries can be created either using the SmugMug default values or from user defined gallery templates.
  • New categories and subcategories can be created.
  • SmuginForiPhoto uses Growl (if installed) for status notifications.
  • Each image can be exported to a different gallery if required.
  • Keywords can be automatically included or excluded from all exported images.

Give it a try…

SmuginForiPhoto Beta

I have been pretty busy for the last few months working on some new projects, the first of these is about ready for public viewing. I am looking for a few volunteers to test out my new iPhoto plugin for exporting images and original movies to SmugMug. If you are interested drop me line or leave a comment and I’ll add you to the list. The plugin has been tested on iPhoto 11 but should work back to iPhoto 08. It is 10.6 (Snow Leopard) only.