So I Made A Dress (Sort Of)

I took a trip to Hagley Park yesterday for a picnic and there was a young lady handing out flyers for an Enchanted Garden Exhibition of work by Jenny Gillies.  The dress was interesting and I took a very quick snap. I thought I would have a play with a composite and decided that the dress needed to be longer for my purposes and so I had a play in Photoshop!. I wanted to keep the feel of petals if possible from the original. After quite a lot of playing I have something which I quite like.

The before image is quite different…


3 thoughts on “So I Made A Dress (Sort Of)

  1. Wow! Quite a difference, and a slightly unearthly, magical look in your finished version. Reminds me of old flower and fairy illustrations. I am always amazed, and occasionally a bit unnerved, by how much an image can be changed by Photoshop.

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