Earthquakes Once More

Last night we were awoken by another large earthquake, a magnitude 7.5 near Hanmer Springs. It was further away than some of our previous large quakes but was still very strong and went on for about a minute and a half. Having gathered what is left of my scattered wits and looked after my kids we got news of an imminent tsunami. We live on low lying land but was surprised given the location of the quake that a tsunami was possible.

We grabbed our emergency basics and got in the car and drove inland to Rangiora where we parked up at the local PaknSave store along with a large number of others. A big shout out to the store owner who was extremely helpful and brought out food to those in the car park. We went several uncomfortable hours waiting for the all clear which eventually came and we returned home for a couple of hours sleep.

While we waited with the tsunami alert the people in North Canterbury and particularly around Kaikoura were living through lots and lots of aftershocks, very much as we in Christchurch did 5 years ago. Our thoughts go out to them as they try to cope with no power or water a situation made worse by the only roads in being badly damaged by the quakes.

Here’s hoping for a quiet night for everyone and a better day tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Earthquakes Once More

  1. We’ve heard all about this on the BBC news over here in the UK. Hope you, your family and loved ones are all OK and just to let you know that your fellow WP bloggers are thinking of you at this very worrying time. Take care.

    • Thank you 🙂 we are all fine and back into our familiar routine of guessing the magnitude. We are unfortunately familiar with large earthquakes 😦

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