Snow, Clouds and Mountains

A few images from our club trip to Lake Clearwater.




5 thoughts on “Snow, Clouds and Mountains

  1. Richard, I started learning taking landscape photos recently. I remember you often set ISO= 100, FS = 8 or 11. I have problem to find the right spot to focus (I would like to have a sharp view of the foreground and back). I read about focus on 1/3 of the whole distance, but it is hard to find that 1/3 spot, isn’t it? I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks.

    • Have a look online for hyper focal distance, the 1/3 is just a rough guide based on that. I use f/8 to f/11 because that gives the sharpest image but if you really want the largest depth of field using a smaller aperture will help f/22 for example. The wider the lens the easier it is to get a good Apparent DOF too. Sometimes if you want to focus on something really close and still keep mountains in focus two you might need to take two shots and use focus stacking. Using live view and zooming in when you are focusing might help and zooming in and looking around the image after you hVe taken it will tell you if you have it right, if not mo e the focus and try again. If gets easier with experience but I still get it wrong!

      • Thank you so much, Richard. I just googled hyper focal distance and read one article. I think I need to read more articles (and I will). Ha ha .. it’s not easy to understand.At least I know the ISO and FS 😉 I read that it’s not good to use the smallest FS (highest number), so F16 is what I should use. I will experience more, Thank you so much.

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