River To Mountains

A shot from my Lake Clearwater trip, a long exposure shot looking along the river towards Erewhon.

Ice Sculptures

We are currently coming to the end of Kaiapoi Arts Week, today as part of the week our local department store Blackwells organised an ice sculptor to make 4 sculptures, a good crowd turned out to watch and it was amazing to see the block of ice turned into amazing pieces of (temporary) art, actually more temporary that might have been hoped in the middle of winter as it was rather warm today. In the evening the 4 pieces were lit up and a night market with fire poi was also organised, again with a very good turnout. All in all a very good day of events particularly as we also have the Kaiapoi Ary Expo on the weekend as well!





Harrier Hawk

A different theme today, one of my colleagues at work works with Raptor Rescue and today Eva the Australasian Harrier Hawk was brought in, unfortunately Eva is blind in one eye and can’t live in the wild, instead she helps with advocacy for protecting these amazing birds. I took a few quick shots with my 50mm lens which is all I had with me!