Lighting Practice

I am doing a photo shoot this week based on some images I have collected on Pinterest. I thought I should have a play with different lighting options to make sure I had some idea of what I was doing! Unfortunately I was the only available subject which it made it quite hard.

I started with a simple beauty dish.


Next a harder light, the strobe with a simple reflector attached. 


Next playing with a strip box.


Strip box and a beauty dish.


Finally back to the strip box as the main light but varying the angle.

On the plus side I did get the looks I expected but tweaking was problematic while trying to do self-portraits, hopefully it will be easier next week when I don’t have to do the modelling too!


One thought on “Lighting Practice

  1. How hard was that! Modelling and shooting! Well done and a great test sampling of the various options of lighting. I really liked what the strip box does with the planes of the face in both images.

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