Cause For Thought

Today Christchurch was hit by another large earthquake, 5.7 magnitude I believe. Another reminder that we live in the shaky isles! Other than a few minor breakages and a few old cracks opened up again no real damage to my home but there was some damage to cliffs around Banks Peninsula which stirred up quite a lot of dust. It did make be pause for thought, we had just about got back to not thinking about earthquakes (large ones anyway) and gone back to getting out and about pretty much anywhere.

I spent 4 hours mountain biking in the Port Hills yesterday and then  a few hours on a fun photo shoot at Sumner. What gives me cause for thought is that we shot inside Cave Rock (which was shut off for a long time after the previous quakes) and I really don’t think I would have wanted to have been there when today’s quake happened.

Anyway a couple of images from last night, thanks to the lovely Stacey Ann for modelling, I learnt a lot again!



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