Dancing At Godley Head

Last night I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to play with my new studio strobe and take some images in an interesting location. I have visited Godley Head a number of times for landscape images and to make images of the old 2nd World War defensive buildings, often as HDRs. I have used these images to then composite people into for fun. I have wanted to actually take pictures of people on location instead of spending many hours in Photoshop pretending they were there in the first place, as in this image.

Last night Yan Zhou and her partner offered to join me for a shoot on location and with the help of another friend, Theuns,  we gave it a go, I had lots of ideas the main one being getting people dancing in one of the buildings (the final results of which are still in progress). Yan and partner are lovely dancers (Salsa) and we had lots of fun in quite a difficult environment both freezing the action and trying to mix flash and ambient lighting. I also made some portraits trying to use or replicate window light.

I have only had a quick look through the images and some have come out well but there were plenty of less good shots in amongst the good ones but I now have a much better understanding of how to use the strobe and camera together.  

The main lessons were partly technical – how to use the strobe, set it up, tweak the power etc. but the main lesson was not to try to do too much. I had too many ideas and not enough time. Just shooting portraits or just shooting dancing would have been more than enough – particularly when still learning to use the strobe at the same time.



7 thoughts on “Dancing At Godley Head

  1. Looks like you had fun playing and learning – yes its difficult to shoot dancers, its a lot easier if you dance yourself and you can anticipate where to position so you get the best pose. The last window portrait is a keeper tho.

    • The window light portrait is definitely my favourite so far – of course it is actually a flash outside the window making the light 🙂

      • Yeah? Good job then, hadn’t picked that 🙂 I don’t know if you had enuf strobes but you will need a second one for a hair light esp with her hair being dark. Say hi to Theuns for me

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