Models On The Beach

Last week I asked around to see if I could find a model to make some images on the beach, I wanted to play an mixing flash and ambient light. To cut a long story short a number of people expressed an interest, both models and photographers and last night we headed down to Sumner Beach on  a very warm (but windy) summer evening. My plans didn’t really work out as for some reason my flash triggers decided not to work but it did give me a chance to practice with ambient light and a borrowed 85mm F/1.8 lens; quite tricky as I am not used to the lens and the focus was a bit slow, still it was great fun and we had some lovely models, great photographers and a few people who very kindly helped out. Thanks to everyone involved, we must do it again sometime! I have had a quick look through the images and made a few basic edits, no doubt I will play a lot more when I have more time.










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