Happy New Year (Soon)

Yesterday I took my kids to the Christchurch Art Gallery, a place they have sorely missed since the earthquakes 5 years ago. The gallery opened again just before Christmas and it was great to be back. Christchurch is really getting back together now and I look forward to 2016, lots of changes I think and lots of fun and photography as well. I wish you all a very Happy New Year, I’ll see you on the other side of midnight.

City Sunset Shoot

In an attempt to improve my people photography and use of flash, I took part in another photoshoot last night. This time at the Re-Start mall in Christchurch. Great fun with a couple of lovely, patient models and the able assistance from some friends, Julia and Moray. This time my flashes were working correctly which helped a lot and I managed to get the technical aspects reasonably well under control. It is still hard thinking through poses and locations but I will keep practising. Thanks to Sarah Sonal and Yan Zhou for your quick changes and enthusiasm.









On Monday I had the opportunity to work with the brilliant Nancy Howe, she came well prepared with lots of outfits and lots of ideas. In this shot she was lying on the ground and I was on some rocks above, I think the perspective in this case looks quite interesting.

In the shot I was right down at the water level, at least the water was not too cold. 


And a more ‘normal’ perspective with more of a pinup look.


Many thanks to Nancy!