Compositing and Finishing

I stayed home today to look after a sick Maya and thought it would be fun to make another composite. I started playing with an image I took at Pines Beach a few days ago and then added a shot from a model session I did some time ago – I need to get out and make some more source images I think. The actual composite was fairly straightforward just some cutting out and a few tweaks. The hard bit was deciding how to finish the image, I still haven’t decided after three very different versions!

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7 thoughts on “Compositing and Finishing

  1. Interesting – I like the rays of light in the first, but I think the B&W overall makes for a better image, the blue stands out quite strongly in the colour versions

  2. My problem with these style of composites is the two completely different lighting angles, the model appears to be side lit and slightly from the font on her left hand side. Yet the sunlight thru the trees is coming down from behind her left shoulder. As a result she is too obviously THERE in the coloured versions, so the sepia works a bit better

    • Just having fun, that said if I had had the model on location this is probably how I would have lit her anyway; with an off camera flash offsetting the sunlight from back right.

      • I did a lot of 3D work a few years ago and the first rule you learn is its all about the lighting, so when I see composites like this, its the lighting that I really notice *shrug* probably most other people wouldn’t 🙂

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