Sunrise, Colour Not Required?

Yesterday I showed a few colourful images from sunrise at Nape Nape beach, today something very different. What happens if you take the colour out? Better or worse I don’t know, but different.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


6 thoughts on “Sunrise, Colour Not Required?

  1. I think sunrise and sunsets are best viewed in color… To see the orange hue on sunrise and the red tone on sunsets. But that’s my own taste, others may see beauty having these in B&W. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment and in general I agree, but sometimes I wonder if the colour distracts from other aspects of the image – the texture in the water and rocks for example.

      • That’s a thought… I guess the water and rocks could complement the colors of the sunrise and sunset. On the other hand, it might also throw the viewer’s attention. So many possible outcomes… Hahaha! But seriously, your insight made me think…

  2. I prefer colour in my sunrises/sets but these draw our eye in a different way to different places without the colour blinding us to the rest of what is going on. Particularly like the movement and textures in the second image.

  3. I think that black and white add some more mystery to these images. I agree with you that the colour can distract from other objects in the image. Especially when it is a cloudless image

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