Still Fishing?

A trip to the beach last night to play with a 20mm f.18 lens, the tide was turning and one again lots of fishermen were out at the river mouth. I liked this long exposure with the stillness of the water and the fisherman standing still waiting for a bite! This is also a bit of an homage to the seascapes of Hiroshi Sugimoto.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


13 thoughts on “Still Fishing?

  1. Beautiful capture and thanks for the link to Hiroshi Sugimoto, Richard. What an incredibly inquiring mind he has and the diversity of his reach!! I find your images much more accessible though 🙂 as in his are really hi-brow and deep. Oh dear, not that yours are frivolous and shallow just calming and beautiful. Maybe I should quit while I’m ahead 🙂

  2. This is an excellent image. A square format is an unusual choice for a seaside landscape but the tonal balance makes it a perfect choice here. The abstract quality is also very effective. Well done.

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