Four Minutes of Sunset

I have my camera back and took it out for a bit of a play, the sensor is now lovely and clean although I don’t suppose I will keep it that way. There were no clouds around tonight but some nice colours, I thought a long exposure would be worth a go. This is four minutes of sunset on Kairaki Beach this evening.

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6 thoughts on “Four Minutes of Sunset

  1. Pretty. I learned a trick a while ago that seems to help with dust on the sensor – it was TURN YOUR CAMERA OFF WHEN CHANGING LENSES!

    Apparently when your camera is on there is a static charge on the sensor that attracts dust!

    Didnt know that, so I switched to turning it off, and as well as pointing the camera down and away from wind, that has helped a lot. I used to get tons of dust but now hardly any 🙂

    • Unfortunately I do change lenses a lot, and usually places I shouldn’t – beaches, mountains,…a good clean is well worth it thought, saving lots of time in post production.

      • Yes my 40D seemed to be particularly prone so I had it sent to P&V for a visit every 6 months or so. The 7D has been much less problematic, tho I change lenses a lot less than I should really 🙂

  2. Gorgeous colours, lovely ethereal feel to this… Apropos dust, I used my D300 for 5 years, one dust speck. I’m hoping the Olympus does as well. Always take care when changing lenses…..

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