Luminosity Mask Trial

I have been hearing a lot about luminosity masks recently for blending multiple exposures, generally as an alternative to HDR processing. I thought it would be fun to give it a go. I took two images from my Mt Cook trip and blended them to see how it went, I was quite pleased with the result and will be playing some more.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

These are the original images.


7 thoughts on “Luminosity Mask Trial

  1. Good luck with that. I always had trouble using luminosity masks, my result were either great or rubbish. But it looks as though you’re on the right path. Have a search for Jimmy McIntyre, he does some great tutorials (some free, some paid).

  2. Havent heard of this technique before so I checked out your post, I really liked what it did for the stream but personally the hills on either side, but esp the right feel like they could be a bit brighter too?

    • It comes down to the images you start with, I could have brightened up the image I used for the hills more or picked the next exposure which was brighter to begin with. I definitely need to give it a go again with some more images to see what works best.

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