More or less literal?

My trip to Pines Beach yesterday was in the middle of the afternoon, the light was very average, certainly not what would normally be termed good light for photography. The golden hour is traditionally held to be the best time to take landscapes. Of course that is only true if you intend to make classical landscape images. My intention however was to get some long exposure black and white seascapes. I took a few standard images just for curiosity and to see what the exposure was like.

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1/400s @ f/8 ISO 100 50mm

and perhaps something more in the format I intended for my finished images.

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1/60s @ f/11 ISO 50 112mm

I would describe these as fairly literal seascape/landscape images, perfectly okay technically given the available light but not really very interesting.

Things start to get more interesting with a longer exposure, the movement of the water is captured, making the image more dynamic and interesting, this for example has just a bit of movement in the water.

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2.5s @ f/8 ISO 100 50mm

 Once the exposure gets even longer things become much less literal and more abstract, something I often like to do with seascapes.

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30s @ f/10 ISO 100 122mm

30s @ f/10 ISO 100 155mm

I will have some more images tomorrow, and some thoughts on B&W versus colour.

Polaroid Look

I was out taking a few photographs this afternoon, just for some fresh air. I wandered down to Pines Beach and spent a while trying different things, mainly with longer exposures. I haven’t had time to work through the results properly yet but did play with one image, giving a polaroid look.

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