A Bit Processed

This image is a little different, with most of my landscapes, even my HDRs I generally try and make the image look fairly clean and not overly processed – there are exceptions obviously. Today I was just messing about with images from the weekend playing with mixing monochrome and colour and different blend modes in Photoshop. The base images was interesting anyway but I quite liked the results after processing.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

This started as 1/100s @ f/10 ISO 100, 66mm


5 thoughts on “A Bit Processed

  1. Beautiful! Yesterday I showed your pictures to my husband and told him we had to visit there! (Then again, thanks to many wonderful bloggers, I had also told him that we had to visit Ireland again, and North Wales… etc.) Is there a better month to photograph there?

    Question: right next to the edge of the dark mountain, I see a soft white “outline” (not sure how to describe it. You almost can not see it.) Is it possible that was added in the process to help the transition?

    Thanks, as always.

    • It is a processing artefact, possibly sharpening or more likely just the way the contrast was increased making the edges stronger.

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