This is a little different today, while I was at Terrace Station I was keeping an eye on my kids while they climbed a tree and a fantail kept flying in and out and perching close by. It was fairly dark under the trees but I had a quick go at trying to catch the bird. I got some reasonable images but in the end I really liked one where the bird’s tail was a blurred with motion and the depth of field was a little too shallow. I spent a little time messing about in Photoshop and added some texture and I liked the result – obviously a matter of taste!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

1/15s @ f2.8 ISO 100 200mm


4 thoughts on “Fantail

  1. Great photo. They are soooooo hard to take photos off. I have even had this fly right around my head as if to tease me. They are like butterflies – they flitter around, never stopping anywhere long enough for a really great shot, especially if you have a very slow camera like I do. 😀

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