Photo Restoration

I spent a little time this evening starting to restore some old photographs I scanned the last time I was back in Scotland. This isn’t something I have done much of but I am slowly working out how to do some of it at least. I’ve started in Photoshop with the healing brush and clone stamp tools, there is plenty more to do just on this image but it is a start.




 2012 10 10 OldPhotos 29


5 thoughts on “Photo Restoration

  1. Excellent start. the healing brush is an excellent alternative to the clone stamp, a good way of reducing mottling is to duplicate the layer, blur the top one slightly, add a mask to this layer and then work round the photo keeping the mottled areas slightly blurred. You will have to play with the amount of blur, brush size and opacity. I also found once you are happy with the restoration is to reconvert it to black and white and raise the contrast a touch.

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