Long Exposure Hotspots

I was out taking some more long exposure images last night, not the best conditions but fun anyway with some help from a friend. One thing I did do was turn off the long exposure noise reduction feature on my D700. Usually I have it on but it doubles the taken for each exposure – the normal exposure of 30 seconds say and then a second with the shutter closed for another 30 seconds. The camera then removes any hot spot noise from the image. I was in a hurry and hoped to get away without it for the images of a couple of minutes.

As it turns out it is a pain because I got a lot of hot spots and it takes time to remove them, or at least most of them. Note to self, turn the long exposure noise reduction on.

This is a 100% crop from an image, you can see the red, green and blue pixels.


This is the full image, cleaned up. 120.5s @ f/9 ISO 400





This was a 30s exposure with flash at the end, soft box and grid.



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