Kaiapoi Morning

Two quick shots on my way in to work this morning, one colour, one monochrome. 

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Avalanche Peak

I took a trip to Arthur’s Pass today and climbed Avalanche Peak, at 1833m that’s the highest I have had lunch without mechanical assistance, I hauled a camera, tripod and two lenses with me and was glad that I did. The shots of the mountain I suspect will be fairly average, far too bright and completely the wrong time of day but I got some interesting shots on the way and found some people climbing down a waterfall as well. I have has a very quick run through a few images, more to come no doubt.

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En route, quite early.

There was lovely mist on the lake.

Mad people?

Small birds are hard and the forest was dark!

I had lunch just up there!




2 years on

Two years ago today a large earthquake struck Christchurch, buildings were destroyed and people died. Two years on and Christchurch is getting back on its feet; buildings are going up, roads and infrastructure being repaired. Despite over 10000 aftershocks things are getting better.

One tradition that started with the quakes was the placing flowers in the road cones and today as I road to work I saw many such small tributes, and placed a few myself.

2013 02 22 Cones 11