Mount Somers

I am feeling a bit tired right now, I’m just back from a tramping trip up Mt Somers. An early start and a good walk to about 1688m. This was my first walk this year and I will definitely feel the aches in the morning, made worse by carrying more than usual including a couple of lenses, my camera and tripod. I am hoping to do an overnight tramp later in the summer and thought I needed some practise.

The conditions were not ideal for photographs but I took a few including proof I made it to the top.






I have a few panoramas to play with as well but definitely not tonight! 


One more from Tekapo

Having religiously generated an image a day last year for my first 365 project I have been much more relaxed this year. There have been too many other things going on to be overly concerned; I have missed days and used images from trips during the year to fill in as well.

Next year I may do a one a week project of some sort but I am pretty sure 365 won’t be on my agenda. I want to concentrate on taking better pictures and getting out into the fabulous New Zealand countryside.

One last image from Lake Tekapo, which I used in in 365 project. The Church of the Good Shepherd again in golden light.


1/80s @ f/13 ISO200 17mm


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lake Tekapo

I am just back from an overnight trip to Lake Tekapo, a beautiful place but quite busy with tourists. The lupins are still in bloom all around, very colourful, and of course the Church of the Good Shepherd which appears in so many images from Tekapo. Needless to say I took plenty of images of the lupins and the church! 

I arrived and set up camp just in time to head out for sunset, which was quite pretty and very still – useful once the exposure times start to get long with the light failing.

Tekapo 2012 12 15 18 27 50 IMG 0167 ©RichardLaing 2012

Tent setup – taken with my iPhone.

I have only processed a few images, a mixture of normal, HDR and long exposures. I had fun with the long exposures as I was in the lake trying not to fall in with my camera – the water was quite cold. It also necessitated taking my tripod to bits to get all the water and grit out of it.

These were taken at or after sunset.


 30s @ f/14 ISO 200, 28mm


  30s @ f/16 ISO 200, 28mm


 1/13s @ f/16 ISO 200, 24mm


 181s @ f/14 ISO 200, 20mm


15s @ f/14 ISO 1600, 16mm

Having got to bed quite late, and not sleeping well in a tent again I didn’t quite make it up for sunrise – it is almost the longest day here so I don’t actually feel very bad about it – but still managed to get up for some early light on the Church of the Good Shepherd.


1/8s @ f/11 ISO 200, 200mm


 30s @ f/16 ISO200, 24mm


 HDR Efex Pro 2, Color Efex Pro 4 and Photoshop!


 HDR Efex Pro 2, Color Efex Pro 4 and Photoshop! 

I also had a quick go using the panorama feature on my iPhone, my first attempt. It does give a general idea of the area at least.


Tekapo 2012 12 15 19 07 02 IMG 0160 ©RichardLaing 2012



Kairaki Beach

It has been a pretty busy week but I managed to get a trip to Kairaki Beach last night, a warm day and a colourful sunset. I played with a little HDR and some long exposures.


22mm 10s @ f/14


17mm, f/13 Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 and Nik Color Efex Pro 4


17mm, 220s @ f/13

In other news I was listening to “The Art of Photography” podcast where Ted Forbes has started a series on composition and it reminded me of a series I started a while back. maybe I need to add some, in the meantime have a listen to the podcast or visit the associated website, Composition Study.