Travel HDR

While on holiday in Scotland I took a lot of images, quite a few long exposures and even more bracketed sets for HDR processing. Partly because the conditions weren’t always great for photographs, partly because I quite enjoy playing with HDR and mostly because I found a number of subjects that I felt HDR treatment suited. Interesting clouds and sky, old ruined buildings and church interiors. I used both Photomatix and HDR Efex Pro 2 for processing more or less at random and finished the images in Color Efex Pro and/or Photoshop.


Sunrise over Crail harbour, a combination of long exposure and HDR


St Andrews Castle 


Crail sunrise, another combination of long exposure and HDR


Crail Aerodrome


St Salvator’s Chapel, St Andrews


 St Salvator’s Chapel, St Andrews interior

 I really need to go back and reprocess some of these now that I am home with a large screen but quite fun anyway.


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