More Moeraki

I am still trying to process my images from Moeraki, and I still need to finish my Scotland trip too. Not today or tomorrow though. Off the our local Christmas Carnival to take images and Santa photos. Here are a couple more images from Moeraki.


22mm 2s @ f/14 ISO 200


24mm 1/80s @ f/11 ISO 200

Moeraki Trip

We had a long weekend here last weekend and I took the opportunity to take a trip to Moeraki, a few hours south of Christchurch. Moeraki is famous for the natural round boulders on the beach but also has an excellent restaurant in Fleur’s Place and also a reserve protecting a colony of Yellow Eyed Penguins. While the weather when I arrived was far from ideal – raining, which seemed normal since I had chosen to camp for the night – it improved and I managed to get some images in the evening when I arrived and also managed an early start from sunrise at the boulders themselves.



Yellow Eyed Penguin



I liked the shadow as a spoke in the rainbow.


I am enjoying long exposures just now.


Broken Boulders



I still have a number of images to process, just not enough time right now!

The Concert

When I got back from Scotland I volunteered to take some photographs for the Christchurch Spring River Festival, lots of events organised around the area from picnics and puppet shows to kite boarding and sand painting. The weather was kind and people had great fun. I was out and about on the Sunday photographing people trying out sailing, at puppet shows and finally at a picnic event.

Ready for launch

Mount Pleasant Yacht Club

The reward, other than just having the chance to take some photos which is generally reward enough, was a ticket to ‘The Concert’ . A free concert for the thousands who volunteered their time in a vast range of projects around Christchurch.  The concert initiative, organised through the Volunteer Army Foundation, has been a brilliant idea involving thousands in giving back to the community, bringing people together to help make Christchurch an even better place following the destruction caused by the earthquakes over the last couple of years.

The concert itself was not blessed with the best of weather unfortunately, still thousands turned out to listen to some great musicians, I can’t really do justice to the event or the enormous amount of work that must have been involved in organising such a large free concert but I would like to thank all the volunteers and all the people who organised and took part in the concert. I hope idea of volunteering and giving of time to the community will continue long after the earthquakes are forgotten.




Annah Mac – who did a very good Led Zeppelin cover!


Hollie Smith – great voice



Not my best work but a great day despite the weather.




Travel HDR

While on holiday in Scotland I took a lot of images, quite a few long exposures and even more bracketed sets for HDR processing. Partly because the conditions weren’t always great for photographs, partly because I quite enjoy playing with HDR and mostly because I found a number of subjects that I felt HDR treatment suited. Interesting clouds and sky, old ruined buildings and church interiors. I used both Photomatix and HDR Efex Pro 2 for processing more or less at random and finished the images in Color Efex Pro and/or Photoshop.


Sunrise over Crail harbour, a combination of long exposure and HDR


St Andrews Castle 


Crail sunrise, another combination of long exposure and HDR


Crail Aerodrome


St Salvator’s Chapel, St Andrews


 St Salvator’s Chapel, St Andrews interior

 I really need to go back and reprocess some of these now that I am home with a large screen but quite fun anyway.