Kaiapoi Art Expo

Last weekend I was asked to take images for the annual Kaiapoi Art Expo. This was the seventh year the event had been held and it was a great success, around 5000 visitors over the weekend and around $32000 worth of art sold. There was a wide range of art on display including sculpture, paintings and photographs.

For my part I was asked to take images on the opening night as well as during the weekend and finally at the presentation of the ‘People’s Choice’ award winner. Technically the shoot was fairly straightforward, I wasn’t trying to take award winning images, just to capture the people and event itself. I used on camera flash bounced off the ceiling for the most part. The camera was set on manual with a fairly wide aperture. I did mess up a few shots with not quite enough DOF for everyone in the image but as I usually took more than one image with different focus points fixing it up in Photoshop wasn’t a major problem.

My biggest challenge was collecting the names of everyone in the images for use by newspapers in their coverage. I just about managed and will have a much better idea of what is required if I do another similar event.

Dan Gordon KaiapoiArtExpo_2012-07-20_18-25-45__DSC3323_©RichardLaing(2012)

Sam Mahon KaiapoiArtExpo_2012-07-20_18-37-53__DSC3349_©RichardLaing(2012)

Sam Mahon opening the event 

Bumble Bee,  Artist Mark Larsen KaiapoiArtExpo_2012-07-20_18-55-01__DSC3362_©RichardLaing(2012)

Dean Lawrence KaiapoiArtExpo_2012-07-20_19-25-41__DSC3380_©RichardLaing(2012)

Dean Lawrence

I did have a little fun with a time-lapse of the event, unfortunately for the first part I forgot to set the lens on manual focus!

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Public Choice winner – Sandra Duncan with George Skipper

Congratulations to everyone involved a really good weekend. Maybe I’ll put something in next year!

Super Rugby

Last weekend I took my kids to a Super Rugby game, Crusaders vx Force. The Crusaders are the local team and I got some ‘Take a kid to the footy’ tickets. The great thing about these seats is that they are right next to the pitch, not covered which is not so good in the rain of course. Luckily it turned out quite warm and dry and it gave me a chance to get close enough to the action with my Nikon 80-200 f/2.8 to get some reasonable images of the players before and during the game.

Even with the flood lights I had my ISO between 800 and 1600 to get a reasonable shutter speed and even then  I had a fair number of shots not quite sharp. A great fun evening out and The Crusaders won which was even better.


Zac Guildford


Israel Dagg



We also saw the cheerleaders…



And some of the Tui girls were there.


Dan Carter played the first half and then had a rest!





A quiet week again but I did play with some still life images. I had some tulips that were definitely past their best but provided interesting shapes and textures. I had some fun with off camera flash and high speed sync. The flash was 10-20 cms from the tulip with the camera on a tripod. I used manual focus and a cable release.


105mm 1/500 @ f/40, ISO 200


105mm 1/800 @ f/36, ISO 200


105mm 1/250 @ f/40, ISO 200


105mm 1/500 @ f/36, ISO 200


It hasn’t been a great week for photography, the school holidays, yucky weather and being sick I didn’t get much done. I did get out with the kids to Porters skiing today which was great fun. The kids enjoyed it and I even managed some skiing for the first time in about 6 years. As usual on the mountain there were lots of Kea about, mainly trying to eat cars.





The last image was something I have been playing with this week, Pixel Blender effects in Photoshop. Quite fun for a change.