Cheap Camera Competition!

One of my friends at work decided he wanted to test the theory that a good photographer can take good images even on a bad camera. A few of us have signed up to give it a go and we now have two cameras to try, a NZ$100 Lumix camera which should be at least reasonable and a very cheap NZ$25 Polaroid camera which is probably the digital equivalent of a Holga, although that may be being unkind to my Holga which I quite like.

I have the cheapie first and have been playing with it, trying to find out what it can and cannot do. It cannot take sharp images which is a bad start but it has more control than I had expected including exposure compensation and a black and white mode which is definite option I suspect.

I took this shot this morning at sunrise on the way to work.

Sunrise 1

Since I had my own D700 to hand as well I also took (more or less) the same image with it.

Sunrise 2

For our competition we are not allowed to edit the image outside the camera but if was allowed I guess I might do something like this.

Sunrise 3

The next few weeks should be interesting, I don’t anticipate taking great images with the Polaroid but it will make me think very hard about how to get something at least useable and perhaps come up with some creative options.

7 thoughts on “Cheap Camera Competition!

  1. Cheap cameras do have some charming effects, it really challenges one to think about which angle and in which light you photograph, whereas a slr camera will take great pictures without there being interesting angles or intriguing light… Great competition! Good luck!

    • I probably agree, I just wanted to show what we were giving up by not having post production either. I would normally tweak the levels and clarity a little but not much more…but sometimes I do do a bit more 🙂

      • I think we tend a bit to overdo post production. And it’s nice to not be able to do that and to push your own technical expertise further and get nice images through camera only. 🙂

  2. Agree with Ana, the second is the most beautiful one. And even the first is beating the last one, since it is more natural. It better fits to the morning scene which I would envision is quiet and relaxed. Looks like an interesting experiment is at hand. Good luck!

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