Diploma Started Again

Last week I started my Diploma in Digital Photography course again, this semester is auteur study. For the first week we had to study Eugene Atget.  Atget was one of the true early masters of photography, he lived from 1857 to 1927 and spent 30 years photographing Paris. His equipment and techniques were old fashioned when he started and he stuck with them until he died.

We were set the task of producing 4 images influenced by Atget’s work without copying him too directly, not an easy task. I chose to work around my home town, much as Atget worked around Paris, looking for local doors, derelict buildings and reflections.










Having restarted my diploma in digital photography with the new semester I decided I needed to put together a portfolio, something I will need to do for a later paper anyway and also because it looks like I will need to get some models for some of my images this year and a portfolio helps with Model Mayhem and StarNow. I think I have found a nice clean design but I still need to have another look at the images I am using. If I was working towards more professional work I would probably have to improve the focus, right now it covers most of the things I like to shoot. Comments, opinions and ideas are always welcome 🙂

In other news I was lucky enough to go along to a free concert in Hagley Park this weekend, Fiona Pears was playing, full of energy. Great music and great fun.




Just before the kids to Kaikoura for the weekend. The kids really like it there, playing in the rock tools fishing and so on. A lovely place, quite busy in the summer with tourists and visitors. One of our favourite places is South Bay which changes in character with the tide. With the water out lots of rocks and pools to plat in and with the tide in fishing and walks round the bay and cliffs. I took the opportunity to make some HDR images and I have been irking hard on finishing them better than in the past. I process with either Photomatix or HDR Efex Pro and finish in Color Efex Pro and/or Photoshop.

This is one I liked, the texture in the rocks and sky I feel turned out well.

South Bay Kaikoura by Richard Laing (nzsnapper)) on 500px.com
South Bay Kaikoura by Richard Laing

There are more images on my SmugMug site.

Christchurch World Buskers Festival

The 2012 World Buskers Festival has just finished here in Christchurch, a fabulous event held in the city now for a number of years.This years festival was held despite the upheaval caused by the major earthquakes we suffered over the last year and it was great to see the performers back and everyone out enjoying themselves. In past years the activities have been held in various locations around the city, this year most of the acts were held in Hagley Park, the normal venues no longer being accessible to the public. I took my kids along last Saturday and we all thoroughly enjoyed the fabulous acts, the atmosphere and the weather!