SmuginProForAperture 1.5.2 Released

After a few last minute issues my Aperture to SmugMug export plugins have been updated. This should have been a plain old 1.5 release but issues with the server API resulted in a quick update to back out some changes, unfortunately I missed a bug in my haste to get something out. Apologies to anyone who had issues, everything should be working now. If not please take the time to let me know.

You can get details of the Aperture plugins on my nzwidgets website. The main changes are:

  • Updated to use Oauth authentication.
  • Added a new option to automatically resize very large images.
  • Bug fixes.

iPhoto users have not been forgotten, version 1.1.2 of SmuginForiPhoto has also been released.

  • Updated to use Oauth authentication.
  • Reduced size of window for use on MacBook Air.
  • Bug fixes.



2 thoughts on “SmuginProForAperture 1.5.2 Released

  1. Thank you for a great plugin. I noticed that video export from Aperture to SmugMug isn’t supported. Is this feature on your roadmap?

    • Everything is ready to go as soon as Apple provide a mechanism to get video out of Aperture. I have been waiting for an updated SDK since Aperture 3 was released. The iPhoto version already does export video but due to a bug in the iPhoto SDK it can only export the original video file and not any edits. Maybe when Aperture 4 comes out there will be an update, I live in hope.

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