Almost Portraits

I had great intentions of a long post on lighting for portraits. I was asked to do a talk for my camera club on Monday evening and I went fully prepared – with speed lights, umbrella, soft box and my old PowerBook so that I could shoot tethered; demonstrating the effects of changing lighting. This all went more or less to plan until the end of the evening when my PowerBook would not wake up. I pressed the power button to turn it off and thought no more of it.

On arriving home I wanted to get the images off my PowerBook to prepare for my 365 project and for my long and exciting blog post, unfortunately it appears that my trusty PowerBook has finally expired, like Monty Python’s parrot it is deceased, no more and indeed popped its mortal coil. The fan still works but that is about it, so I have lost almost all my images. I did take a couple at the end of the evening when answering questions but my long and interesting has been replaced by this one instead 😦


This was taken with a large 50″ Westcott Apollo JS Softbox lit with a Nikon SB900 flash.

Now I need to find some more willing models and try again.

2 thoughts on “Almost Portraits

  1. Seeing how I work with tech support, I can’t resist the urge to ask you to remove the power cable and battery for at least 10 seconds and then try to boot up the computer again. Of course, I’ve never worked with mac so I don’t know if that will be as effective as it is with other laptops.

    • Thanks, unfortunately I have been through all sorts of things, resetting the controllers, removing batteries, the Powerbook is at least 7 years old so it has done pretty well and has been well used. I may disassemble it and put it back together later 🙂

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