Peel Forest Timelapse

It is currently school holiday time and last weekend I took my kids to Peel Forest, a lovely place with fun tramping, waterfalls and well away from town and a nice warm log fire which was well used. I took the opportunity to try a few different things, using a gelled flash with a landscape image and a time-lapse video. Neither turned out spectacularly well but it was fun to try something different. Fortunately my camera has a built-in interval timer which makes the time-lapse easy.

For a time-lapse it is important to get everything set on manual, focus, shutter speed and aperture to keep everything as constant as possible for each exposure, it is also a good idea to use jpeg rather than RAW (which I forgot!). Using jpeg means you can get more images on your memory card and you can make a longer video. I made the video using iStopMotion.

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And this was my attempt at using a gelled flash to change the foreground of a landscape image, just a simple warming gel this time. Lots more things to try another time.


Almost Portraits

I had great intentions of a long post on lighting for portraits. I was asked to do a talk for my camera club on Monday evening and I went fully prepared – with speed lights, umbrella, soft box and my old PowerBook so that I could shoot tethered; demonstrating the effects of changing lighting. This all went more or less to plan until the end of the evening when my PowerBook would not wake up. I pressed the power button to turn it off and thought no more of it.

On arriving home I wanted to get the images off my PowerBook to prepare for my 365 project and for my long and exciting blog post, unfortunately it appears that my trusty PowerBook has finally expired, like Monty Python’s parrot it is deceased, no more and indeed popped its mortal coil. The fan still works but that is about it, so I have lost almost all my images. I did take a couple at the end of the evening when answering questions but my long and interesting has been replaced by this one instead 😦


This was taken with a large 50″ Westcott Apollo JS Softbox lit with a Nikon SB900 flash.

Now I need to find some more willing models and try again.

School Productions

A really busy week this week, four nights of school productions with the kids, great fun and kids had a great time. I took a lot of images during the shows for myself and the family but also for the school, I had my 80-200 f2.8 out with SB600 flash, camera set on manual (mainly around 1/200s @ f4) and it seemed to go pretty well.

The school seem happy and I have lots of images for friends and family. The older kids’ show was great fun; my girls insisted on watching it even though they were tired. It was title “Grandma joins the World Cup All Blacks”, here is Grandma dusting her wrinkles.


I have done a few of these indoor events now and seem to have found a method that works for me at least, the white balance can still be fun but I get pretty decent images that don’t need to much work in Aperture or Photoshop – important when there are 100’s of images to work through.