Processing Options

For the last few days I have been playing with the post processing of some images. I have a variety of told and plugins to choose from, probably more than enough. My normal process is to use Aperture for my basic processing, and often this is all I do . If I want to go to monochrome then my plugin of choice is SilverEfex Pro II which is completely brilliant. However I thought I would give a few other options a go and see what I got.

A trip into Papanui yesterday took me past a church with an old graveyard and I took a number of images which leant themselves to different post-processing.


Processed with TopazAdjust, this plugin can generate some quite interesting and extreme effects. There are lots of sliders to play with, a good selection of presets and a random option which is quite fun.


A very different take using SilverEfex Pro II, I quite like this.


Not the same image but processed with another of my favourites, ColorEfex Pro. I really like the Tonal Contrast filter.

Today I was taking some macro shots in my garden of the spring flowers and again looking at different processing options.


This was processed only with Aperture, I really like it, quick and easy too.


The same tulip processed with Color Efex Pro 3


And finally processed with Silver Efex Pro II.

What did I learn? Nothing very helpful I suspect, I like all the options so I will continue to use them all more or less on a whim. Occasionally I don’t like the results but generally all these plugins provide very good and interesting effects which can enhance an image adding punch and drama.

Since I couldn’t really decided which version I liked most I thought a triptych would do instead.

Flowers_2011-09-25_10-15-18_Flowers_ Triptych_©RichardLaing(2011)

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