Snow Days

The weather forecast turned out to be correct and we got snow; actually we got a lot of snow. The whole of New Zealand was hit by a blast of cold air from the Antarctic bringing ice and snow to most of the country. They even had snow in Auckland which is very unusual.

We awoke on Monday to a few inches of snow and heavy snow showers, I headed out early with my camera and got very cold and very white. I just about managed to keep the snow off my camera lens.


Early Morning Snow

My favourite image was taken about 20 minutes walk away in driving snow, I found a green patch in the snow…


A lot of the snow melted over the course of the day but we awoke on Tuesday to even more snow on the ground – I cleared about 6 inches from my driveway – but blue skies. Another photo walk was irresistible.




Kaiapoi Anglican Church (HDR)

Fortunately I remembered to use exposure compensation to control the exposure of the snow, although given the various types of processing used on my images it is not always obvious! The snow has pretty much all gone now, the kids had a great time, businesses less so with travelling difficult or impossible. Apparently this is a once in a lifetime event, which may happen again later in the month…


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