White Whites and Black Blacks

Since we have snow forecast for the beginning of next week (for the second time in two weeks) I thought maybe a quick tip on getting exposures correct for snow would be a good idea.

When a camera meters a scene it basically tries to make the scene a neutral grey colour, this means that if you take an image containing lots of (hopefully) white snow and you don’t make any adjustments you will end up with snow which is grey rather than white. Fortunately fixing this is easy, you just need to overexpose the image a little by adjusting the exposure compensation control. Add a little +ive exposure compensation will make the snow white again; usually between 1 and 2 stops is enough – just be careful to not blow out the highlights.

Don’t forget that the opposite adjustment is required for predominantly black scenes, a black cat in a coal mine had better be under exposed by dialing in a little -ive exposure compensation.


An a completely different topic, a couple of snapshots from a wet and cold visit to Ferrymead last weekend…


Ferrymead : From the Train


Ferrymead : Printing

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