I’ve Decided

The weather this week has not been great this week which strangely has helped me decide on the portfolio project for my diploma course. It needed to be an indoor project so I decided on photographing some flowers. The idea is to photograph some tulips as they slowly fall apart so I will start with lovely new tulips and end up with a a pile of petals. So far it seems to be going quite well. I haven’t processed the images properly yet but it looks like I will get a reasonable sequence for my portfolio.






I’ll post the finished sequence when it is ready.

Yet Another Shake

Running a bit behind this week, mainly due to another large aftershock on Monday. In fact we had two in quick succession, a 5.7 and then a 6.3 less than 90 minutes later. More mess, more liquefaction for the eastern suburbs of Christchurch.

The quakes themselves have not caused significant new damage to my home but the constant aftershocks wear on nerves. It has certainly made concentrating on the portfolio for my diploma course very hard. I have too any ideas and still haven’t settled on a final theme. I’ve considered Akaroa, sunsets, still-life, flowers and various other combinations. I even have some quite reasonable images for each of the possible themes however I need to decide once and for all this week. I can only hope that there are no further significant aftershocks, I feel for those cleaning up yet again from the damage and mess.


Akaroa Sunset No1




Akaroa Sunset No2

100th Post

Apparently this is my 100th post so I was thinking I had better write something really interesting or significant, but why change after all this time 🙂 I have been intending to write a serious post on how I use Flickr and other sharing sites, at least until I decided I didn’t actually have any sort of strategy.

For Flickr in particular I tend to put up images at random, whatever I have been doing recently. Sometimes these are images that I like, sometimes ones that I don’t but that are interesting or that use different techniques or processing. I share my images on various groups and, from time to time, I get comments, mostly of the ‘nice image’ variety. It is always pleasant to get these comments, to know that someone else likes an image but the comments which give constructive criticism are much more valuable and rare.

The number of comments varies greatly from image to image, depending on what groups I post to and when I post the image. I was however very surprised this week to see the number of comments and favourites I received on one image having made the Flickr Explore list. The image itself is one I really like, it is a nice moody black and white image I took as part of my attempt to build a portfolio for my diploma course.

As the sun goes down

Ultimately wanting to write a post on the use of sharing sites has at least pointed out that I need to think a bit harder about it. I recently joined 500pix.com and find myself being very thoughtful about what images I share on the site. I think that this sort of self-editing is a much more useful to my photography than the random images I post to Flickr. Does anyone else have any thoughts or ideas? How do you share your images – and why?

Black & White

Last week was Black & White week in my diploma course, I like monochrome images and enjoy making them so I found last weeks work fun and enjoyable despite suffering from a horrible cold which kept me at home for a couple of days. Being at home did limit my options a little and so I ended up taking a variety of self portraits and still-life images. With B&W images it is god to get a wide range of tones in the image – black blacks and white whites – as ever there are of course exceptions.

In Full View

Channeling Clint


Soft Flower


Dark Flower

I have now arrived at the hard bit of this paper, I need to prepare a portfolio of 10 images. So I need to decide on a theme or subject for my images…right now I have no idea what I am going to do!