10 Tips for Landscape Photography

These are not rules but some things to try for better landscape photographs. They are in no particular order.

  1. Use a tripod.
  2. Try a neutral density (ND) filter – great for waterfalls.
  3. Use a small aperture but not the smallest, so shoot f/16 not f/22. Your images will be sharper.
  4. Find a strong foreground, it doesn’t matter how great the sunset is if there is nothing else there.
  5. If the sky is bright (or the water) try a graduated ND filter to even out the exposure in camera.
  6. Don’t put the horizon in the centre if the image, remember the rule of thirds.
  7. Try an HDR, bracket your exposures and merge them later.
  8. Try portrait orientation rather than landscape just for a change.
  9. Shoot in the golden hour around sunrise or sunset. Wait a bit longer after sunset for the blue light.
  10. Watch out for dull skies, if the sky is DFO (dull, flat and ‘orrible) then so is the image.
  11. Shoot before or after storms, during if it is safe and you can keep your gear dry. Look for the ‘fingers of god light’ coming through the clouds.

Oops that was eleven, don’t forget that breaking the rules can be fun too.


Castle Hill


Glen Tui

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