365 Project

The New Year has arrived. I don’t generally make New Year’s resolutions but I guess starting a 365 project is pretty close; six days in and still going strong. I have uploaded a very random set of images so far. I still haven’t worked out any system or plan, that will happen when I run out of easy targets or when I start work again. One thing starting the project has done is to make me take photographs every day, and of things I probably would not have bothered with if I wasn’t looking for something for the project. That can’t be a bad thing, I even had a go at a self portrait (which might be a bad thing) which I haven’t tried before.

In other news my Aperture plugins are progressing; I have released a second public beta of the next version (1.4) and I am beginning to think about what to add next so get your requests in! I would love to handle video but there is still no API from Apple, maybe this year 🙂


Going to Hanmer

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