Busy Busy Busy

The last couple of weeks have been really busy, I started a new job and my parents arrived for a visit. So far work seems to be going well, as usual lots of learning at the moment trying to find out enough about all the systems to start being useful. I am still managing to keep up with the 365 project so far, sometimes not very inspired but it is definitely making me use my camera every day. That is a good thing!

We all went to Ferrymead again at the weekend and I tried a couple more HDRs, it is a good place for them. I think I need to go sometime without the kids and take some more time though, these were all processed with Nik Software’s HDR Efex Pro.



Timaru Trip

I am just back for a fun trip to Timaru. Lots of playing at the park and the beach and Botanical Gardens with my kids. Timaru is lovely and we all had a lot of fun, it was nice being somewhere where we didn’t feel any aftershocks. I also took plenty of photographs, mostly snapshots of my kids, much to their annoyance 🙂

So far I have found it easy to get images for my 365 project but I start a new job this week and I suspect that will make it harder, at least until I find a routine. No doubt I will take a lot more images at home.


One of many fountains that the birds were enjoying.

Some steps…part of the local fitness course

The Rakaia Gorge where we stopped for lunch on the way home.

SmuginProForAperture 1.4 Released

I have just released updates to my Aperture plugins SmuginForAperture and SmuginProForAperture, these plugins allow images to uploaded directly from Aperture to SmugMug.

This release fixes some bugs and adds some new features:

Added the ability to create categories and subcategories.

Added automatic update checking.

Last settings are now remembered when creating a new gallery.

Fixed permissions when installing if the Export folder did not exist.

Please let me know if you have any problems, questions or suggestions.

365 Project

The New Year has arrived. I don’t generally make New Year’s resolutions but I guess starting a 365 project is pretty close; six days in and still going strong. I have uploaded a very random set of images so far. I still haven’t worked out any system or plan, that will happen when I run out of easy targets or when I start work again. One thing starting the project has done is to make me take photographs every day, and of things I probably would not have bothered with if I wasn’t looking for something for the project. That can’t be a bad thing, I even had a go at a self portrait (which might be a bad thing) which I haven’t tried before.

In other news my Aperture plugins are progressing; I have released a second public beta of the next version (1.4) and I am beginning to think about what to add next so get your requests in! I would love to handle video but there is still no API from Apple, maybe this year 🙂


Going to Hanmer