End of Year

2010 is almost at an end. I can’t say I will be unhappy that it is over, this has been a difficult year for a number of reasons, including the earthquake and losing my job. Things are looking up for 2011 though with a new job and a visit from my parents to look forward to. It is a long journey from Scotland to New Zealand and I don’t know how many more times they will feel up to the journey.

After a quiet but fun Christmas with the kids we had a few trips including a visit to Ferrymead which my kids enjoy. I manage to grab a few HDR shots while I was there which I was quite pleased with, so to end the year I would like to share a couple.


Next year I intend to work hard on my photography, particularly to learn more about lighting. I suspect a lot of reading on Strobist will be required as part of my learning and I am going to start a 365 Project; I have no idea how I will get on but I would like to manage the year, no promises though. I also intend to write some more Mac applications or plugins, lots of ideas and never quite enough time.

For now however I would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and prosperous New Year.

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