Sometimes it is right to do it wrong

I have spent much of the last year trying to make better images. In particular sharper images with better use of depth of field, lighting and taking great care to focus in the ‘correct’ place. The most obvious example would be focussing on the eyes in a portrait. I think my technical skill has improved greatly over the course of the year, practising really does help. However…

Last night I took my kids to the park, it was windy and I was just playing with my camera with a slow shutter speed to see how the leaves on the trees looked with the wind moving them. As I was out with my kids I hadn’t bothered to take a tripod which I would usually think as vital when taking images with longer exposures and the images were pretty dull and boring. They did not really capture the feel of the wind in the trees and grasses.

For some reason I remembered seeing some images taken where the camera is deliberately moved during the exposure so I tried it; just moving the camera a little left to right.


I quite liked the effect, very abstract (the image above has been tweaked with Topaz Adjust).

Having moved the camera a little I started to play some more, moving the camera in different ways. I really liked the results when turning the camera during the exposure. My technique was pretty crude, I just turned the camera in my hands.

Tree go around Playing_2010-12-19_18-24-37_DSC_3866_©RichardLaing(2010)

I quite like this one, you can still just about see it is a tree.

It even works on people…

I really like the abstract look, it speaks to me more about the wind and the movement than a more ‘correct’ image ever would. These images are not sharp and the focus is all over the place but they do express the movement I felt looking at the trees and grasses in the park. I will be trying this again, a bit more experimentation sounds like a good New Year’s resolution I think.

Don’t worry about technically perfect images, try to make images that mean something or say something to you.


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