I had intended to write a post today on my thoughts having started to read David duChemin’s (@pixelatedimage) excellent book ‘Within the Frame’ but I’m not really in the best place for that just now. I went to work today to find that our parent company has decided to close the New Zealand office. I and the rest of the employees will cease to be employees next Tuesday. Our local company director was physically shaking as he handed out the notices, I felt worse for him than for myself. Not only has he lost his job but he also had to tell the rest of the staff as well.

While the news hasn’t completely sunk in yet and I I must admit to being a little shocked at the sudden turn of events I am seeing this as an opportunity to move on. It should give me time to update SmuginProForAperture (please buy this as I need to eat – only joking) and to do a little more photography. I guess I had better sort out my garden as well.

So today instead of writing a post on a wonderful and inspiring book I have been updating my CV. If anyone is hiring developers in Christchurch let me know! I have over twenty years experience developing all sorts of software, from embedded C to Java network device clients to iOS and Mac applications and even Aperture plugins.

Kaikoura in Progress

I took my kids to Kaikoura last weekend, it being the Canterbury Holiday on Friday. Glorious sunny weather and the kids had great fun just playing on the beach, catching seaweed and looking for crabs. We found a great bach (holiday house) with views over the sea and mountains. This ws the view from the front porch the night we arrived:


5 exposure HDR processed with HDR Efex Pro

I am still enjoying playing with HDR Efex Pro and was very pleased this week when Nik Software announced all their plugins are 64-bit compatible. No more 32-bit Aperture for me 🙂

I took quite a few photos over the weekend, lots of snapshots of the kids which is always fun and I am not sure when I will get time to finish processing them all. Far too busy at work and with the end of year competition for the Kaiapoi Photographic Club. Can’t believe how fast time is passing right now.


A couple of nights ago, seeing a lovely evening as the summer gets closer here, I went for a walk to our local lakes. I took quite a few images, lots of sunsets a few HDR. Pictures of ducks, the usual sort of thing! Anyway I took a couple of images that I thought would work well as monochrome, very minimalist. I quite like the way this one came out with the tones and ripples on the water, I still love Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro, even better now it is 64-bit.


Monochrome Set

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I wanted to use some of the images I took at the PSNZ Southern Regional Convention to make a set of images with similar style and processing. As soon as I arrived at the venue and saw the clothes the models were wearing I had two ideas in mind. One a monochrome set and the other some sort of ‘antique’ look. I have now finished preparing the monochrome set. I quite like the slightly grainy look, any comments or thoughts would be welcome.