Kitchen Darkroom

A couple of days ago I attempt to print some images from my Holga using a chemical darkroom. Basically for fun and to help understand what was involved in the process. It was fun and not too messy fortunately. My setup wasn’t ideal I suspect but good enough for my purposes. I laid out the enlarger and trays of chemicals on my kitchen surface and gave it a go.

Prepare to print

What did I learn? Quite a lot I think. The process is reasonably straightforward, follow the instructions when mixing the chemicals and for the timings and it ‘just works’. The actual time for exposing the print varies depending on the state of the negative, starting from a Holga with very little control over the exposure leads to quite varied negatives, some quite light and others quite dark. You really need to do a test strip to get the exposure correct. I must admit however having done one I did a fair amount of guessing this time.How did they turn out? Well here are my first two images – scanned and straightened but otherwise untouched.


I will be trying again!

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