SmuginForAperture 1.2 Released

After many changes and with an earthquake induced delay I am pleased to announce the release of version 1.2 of my Aperture plugins SmuginForAperture and SmuginProForAperture. The main changes and features for this release are:


  • Upload now starts as soon as the first image is ready.
  • Errors are reported at the end of the upload session so they don’t hold up the remaining uploads.
  • If an upload fails it is retried.
  • Memory usage is reduced when uploading large numbers of images.
  • The last gallery used is now saved as the default for the next session.
  • Gallery names containing an ampersand (&) now work.

In addition SmuginProForAperture has the following changes:


  • Meta-data now contains the upload date and the MD5 sum, this helps avoid trying to upload unchanged images. If the sum is unchanged (when replacing an image) the upload is skipped.
  • Replace options (and keywords) are now applied to all selected images.

This release also fixes a bug where the gallery selection list is never ready. This was caused by a SmugMug issue which should now be fixed however I have changed the way SmuginForAperture operates to avoid this issue in the future.

Please let me know if you have any problems, questions or suggestions.



2 thoughts on “SmuginForAperture 1.2 Released

    • You need Aperture and a SmugMug account. Select some images in Aperture and use the Export menu item to pick the plugin. You can then upload the selected images to SmugMug, add keywords etc. Once you have exported images you can use the meta-data to create smart groups in Aperture or update existing images on SmugMug if you edit them.

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