A Portrait

I seem to be far too busy just now to write much on my blog or even to process many new images but I was looking through my posts and it has been a while since I had any images of people, so I thought it was about time I did.

A handheld image in the old schoolhouse at Ferrymeade.

I thought I’d put up some images for this years Christchurch Busker’s Festival which runs each summer. It is always great fun, very colourful and lots of great acts.

This guy had a fun act

These two were great, he had the easy job though.

This lady must have been really hot!

Poor old rose

I was out at the weekend with my youngest in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens, she loves the Rose Garden which for much of the year is full of beautiful flowers. I guess winter is really here – it certainly feels it cycling to work as I took this image of a rose, definitely not in its prime.

I used my 50mm prime pretty wide open to get a shallow depth of field.

Monochrome HDR

I’ve just been playing with some more of my images from London and thought I’d give monochrome HDR a go. I have seen quite a few on HDR Spotting and quite like the effect. The following is a 3 exposure HDR processed with Photomatix and then converted to monochrome using Silver Efex Pro (which I really like).


Loading a Holga

I bought a Holga 120N camera a couple of months ago but until now I haven’t had time to do anything with it, so tonight while I watch the All Blacks demolish the Irish at rugby I have loaded it with a roll of black and white 120 film.  The process was straightforward particularly with the advice provided by Ted Forbes on The Art of Photography podcast; I look forward to seeing the results.

Actually I suspect this roll will not do well as I am also planning to develop it myself. Not having tried that before I suspect the images may not turn out useable. It should be fun to try whatever happens. I don’t think I’ll be giving up on the digital darkroom but I wanted to understand the process with film – if nothing else to remind me how easy we have it now!

In the meantime I have been busy working through some more images from my trip. I am still having trouble deciding what to do and when to stop. There are so many options and styles available, and so many images to work through. That is one advantage of film, I would not have taken 2000 images on film!

Sunset over St Andrews

Sea Urchin

Boat out of the water at Pittenweem

Pittenweem Harbour

Butler’s Wharf

Still Processing

I haven’t made as much progress this week as I had hoped working through my holiday images. Too much jet lag, too much real work and too busy playing with my kids; actually the latter has been a lot of fun. Still, I have managed to go through a few images and while I haven’t really finished anything I am quite happy with some of them. One thing I have noticed going through the images (and comparing them with my last trip) is that the general standard has improved  – fewer really bad images and definitely the composition is better.

This should of course mean that I have more keepers than before unfortunately while I think the images are better than before I am also more fussy than before. I suspect this is a problem with no solution, the more images I take the more critical I will become. This is the great thing about art; there is no ‘answer’ it evolves with you.


A church in HDR, driving from Crail to St. Andrews.


The pier at St. Andrews, I used to walk along this on Sundays after church.


An attempt at minimalism.


Pittenweem harbour just after dawn

First Images

I seem to be getting over my jet lag slowly and managed to spend some time looking at some of the images I took over my holiday. There are a lot of images many of which will take a little bit of thought to get them to where I intended when I took the photograph. At least I managed to take some images with a real intent for how they might turn out rather than pressing the shutter and hoping as I have done in the past. Only time will tell if I am successful.

The first image is from Hong Kong, I liked the light on the side of buildings and wanted to balance that with the rest of the image which I felt needed quite a lot of space as it is basically empty.

The other images are of Scottish wild flowers, the first two are HDR/tonemapped images.