Things I didn’t remember

The Kaiapoi Photographic Club had a field trip last night to New Brighton to take some night photographs of the pier. We had a good turn out and the weather was kinder than had been forecast – no rain at least. I took a number of images including several intended for HDR processing later. The resulting images are interesting because of what I forgot:

  • When shooting long exposures at night make sure your battery is fully charged (I ran out of power before we finished for the night).
  • Don’t forget to setup the long exposure noise reduction, I don’t know if this actually helps but I assume the option is there for a reason.
  • The tide can come in 🙂 (I got my feet wet but not my camera fortunately)

I also had some fun with the long exposures because my tripod started sinking into the sand resulting in light trails in the image, interesting but unintentional. My final issue was with the lighting on the pier which changes colour and intensity making accurate exposure quite fun; the light colour and strength changes during the exposure.

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