Aperture to SmugMug Plugin

When I am not taking photographs (most of the time unfortunately) I write software. I use Aperture to manage my photographs and SmugMug for storing and displaying my images. There is an export plugin ApertureToSmugMug which works well but I wanted a few more features and I have been busy developing a new export plugin to add those features.

I am now at the point where I need some beta testers for the plugin which comes in two flavours, a free ‘lite’ version (SmuginForAperture ) which does basic export, gallery creation, caption and keyword editing and SmuginProForAperture which allows the SmugMug ID, album and URL to be added to the image metadata after export. This allows Aperture smart groups to show all the images currently uploaded to SmugMug by looking at these custom fields.

If anyone has amy feature requests I would love to here from you and if anyone would like to beta test these plugins please let me know. The bad news is that they are SnowLeopard only (Mac OS X 10.6) and therefore only work with Intel Macs. The plugins work with Aperture 2.1.4 or Aperture 3.x.

SmuginForAperture Screenshot

If your are interested in beta testing the plugins email me at ‘support @ nzwidgets.com’ or leave a comment here.

24 thoughts on “Aperture to SmugMug Plugin

  1. The current aperture to smugmug plug-in defaults to “open gallery after export”. That is not desired most of the time I export to smugmug. I can’t turn it off. Also I can export video.

    • The good news is you can turn off opening SmugMug on export the bad news is that video is not supported (yet) but is on my plan.

  2. Aperture 3.X; Snow Leopard; IMac. Would love to be a beta tester for the pro version. About to upload 105 photos from a recent 4 days snowmobiling through Yellowstone National Park; and another 30 photos of a couple of days in Red Rocks, Nevada, and Death Valley in California. Just have to finish up the necessary but tedious captioning and keywording.



  3. Hello,

    I would be very interested in lending a hand with beta testing. I use the Aperture to SmugMug plugin currently and have been frustrated with some of the defaults and limitations. I would be more than happy to invest some time in beta testing.

  4. The feature I most desire is the ability to upload images to different SmugMug albums at the same time.

    I would be interested in beta testing. Ap 2, Imac, Snow Leopard.

  5. Hi,

    I have been a SmugMug user for years, and just recently an Aperture user (over Lightroom). I have been using the plugin, but would love to be a beta tester for new features. Please add me as a beta tester.


    Alan Mealy

  6. Your plugin sounds like just what I’m looking for and would like to try the pro version out. i presume that GPS data is also uploaded as part of the standard metadata?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



    • The current version of the plugin uploads the jpeg generated from Aperture, this should include the metadata for the image. It does not explicitly set the lat/long for an image when uploading however (the SmugMug API supports lat/long and altitude values).

      I intend to add the setting of these values (from the image metadata if present or by manually entering the coordinates) in the next update of the plugin which I intend to be around the end of June. I hope that answers your question.


    • Hi Kim,

      Currently the plugin can only upload a single set of images at a time, the Aperture SDK does not let you select to export an album only the images it contains. It might be possible in a later version to create new galleries to match those in Aperture and upload the images to the correct SmugMug galleries but not with the current version unfortunately; you have to wait until the first set of images have uploaded before starting on the next set.


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